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Advanced Business Analytics team members and technical staff have decades of experience in statistics, forecasting, operations research, optimization, and simulation and database management. Our process typically follows six phases:
  1. Business Understanding
  2. Data Understanding
  3. Data Preparation
  4. Modeling
  5. Evaluation
  6. Deployment
Our professionals draw upon a large set of analysis and modeling techniques, which include:
  • Data Gathering, Reporting, and Warehousing
                  •Data Analysis
                  •ETL Development
                  •Database Administration
                  •Report Development
                  •Data Warehouse Development, etc.
  • Statistical Techniques
                  •Regression (including linear, non-linear, and logistic)
                  •Cluster Analysis
                  •Factor analysis
                  •Discriminant Analysis
                  •Design of Experiments, etc.
  •  Operations Research Techniques
                  •Linear, non-linear, and quadratic programming
                  •Integer and mixed-integer programming
                  •Decision Trees
                  •Simulation Modeling, etc.
  • Forecasting Techniques
                  •Exponential Smoothing Models
                  •ARIMA Models
                  •Box-Jenkins Models
                  •Multivariate Regression
                  •Seasonal Models, etc.
  •  Artificial Intelligence Methods
                 •Genetic Algorithms
                 •Neural Nets
                 •Simulated Annealing, etc